EBCDIC Format Support
First Data, Texas Railroad Commission & More

Quickly convert all EBCDIC file types and formats with vEdit, including:

Contact us no matter where you get your data from. We've never seen an EBCDIC data set that we couldn't convert. These data sets are requested much more than others.

FDR (First Data Resources)
Credit Card and Other Files

Convert EBCDIC data from FDR (First Data Resources), including credit card and other files, such as:

  • Cardholder Master
  • Combined Cardholder Master
  • Merchant Monetaries
  • Monetary Detail
  • Annual Activity Summary
  • CD031 Raw Data File
  • Central Information File
  • Collections Master File
  • Commercial Card
  • Financial Transaction Detail
  • Fraud Falcon Analysis Data
  • Mailer Statement Record
  • Merchant History File
  • Bonbase
  • Recovery One File

Texas Railroad Commission
Oil, Gas and Other Data

Convert Oil and Gas data from the Railroad Commission of Texas into ASCII files ready to import to an SQL database, Excel spreadsheet, or for other purposes.

  • Drilling Permit Data
  • Oil & Gas Field Data
  • Oil & Gas Production Data
  • Oil & Gas Regulatory Data
  • Oil & Gas Well Data
  • Pipeline Data

Secure Full-Conversion Services

You can also hire us to do your entire EBCDIC conversion process in our secure U.S.-based facility. Simply contact us for a quote. Fast turnaround — We're usually finished within two working days after we receive your files.

We can even transfer your tapes and cartidges for you. Click here for more information on our full conversion service.

vEdit - EBCDIC Conversion Secure Facility

Works for Files With Incomplete Specs

vEdit EBCDIC solutions are so versatile, we have yet to meet a file we could not convert.

We have even converted EBCDIC files for which the file (field) specifications were unavailable or incomplete. That can happen, for example, when file specifications are lost, vendors won't release them, or they are not provided during legal disputes.

Do-It-Yourself Options

Convert the data yourself with one of our vEdit EBCDIC packages or with a vEdit custom turnkey solution that we can design for you.

You’ll be able to convert your EBCDIC files one at a time or automate the conversion in batch mode. It’s easy to do and fast.

vEdit EBCDIC conversion packages support alpha-numerics, packed-decimal, signed and other special fields, multiple record types, REDEFINE clauses, DEPENDING ON clauses, REPEAT counts and more.

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