Custom EBCDIC Conversion Kits

Do It (Mostly) Yourself with a Custom vEdit Solution

If you're planning to do an EBCDIC conversion yourself but need help setting it up, we can customize one of our standard packages for you. A custom turnkey solution can make your job much easier if:

How the Turnkey Service Works

We create all the files you need to run the conversion yourself. We convert your sample in our secure facility and provide you with the software you need to convert the rest of your files, including a custom batch file to automate the conversion. It's three easy steps:

  1. Send Us Your Samples

    Send us the file specification, preferably as a COBOL copybook. We prefer it attached to an email, but if you only have it in printed form, you can fax it to us. If you're able to, please also send a sample EBCDIC data file. We'll examine the files, discuss the job with you if needed, and send a quote (often within a few hours)

  2. Get Your Custom Converter

    After you purchase the appropriate vEdit EBCDIC Converter package and we receive your order, we customize the software and files, convert your samples and send you everything (often within a day). We accept Purchase Orders with Net-30 terms from companies with 100 or more employees and any government organization. For smaller companies, we request payment by credit card.

  3. Convert Your Files

    With your custom turnkey solution, you can easily convert your EBCDIC data either in the vEdit interface or in batch mode using the Windows Command Line. We'll show you how to do it both ways. We also provide support for a year while you convert your files. Guaranteed!

Confidential & Secure

You can send us your samples via encrypted email, secure FTP or even snail mail. We're happy to sign our Confidentiality and Indemnity Agreement.

Fast & Guaranteed

Turn-around is very fast, typically one business day for a typical job. If we can’t make the conversion work we’ll refund your money.

Other Formats

We can also create a custom solution for you to convert non-COBOL, binary files and other files to and from other formats.