Technical and Customer Support

All new vEdit purchases include technical and customer support, as well as extensive documentation, online resources and more.

vEdit Support Details

Newly purchased vEdit licenses include (within the support period):

  • Technical and customer support available Monday-Friday 9am-5pm (US Eastern time) via phone, chat and email.
  • Product updates within the same version and even for the next one! (e.g., v6 to v7)
  • Upgrade to a higher level of vEdit for the difference in price!

Note: For support via e-mail, we try to reply within a few hours, but please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

Support Period

vEdit: 3 months

vEdit Deluxe: 24 months

vEdit Pro64: 24 months

Extending vEdit and EBCDIC Converter Support

vEdit support can be extended 24 months at a time. Contact us or see the vEdit Store for more info.

vEdit EBDCIC Support Extension

vEdit EBCDIC Converter support can be extended 12 months at a time. See the vEdit EBCDIC Store page for pricing and more info.

vEdit Documentation and Help

vEdit includes extensive documentation in several forms:

User's Manual
This free PDF file (over 400 pages) includes a tutorial and details on virtually every aspect of the vEdit interface.
Macro Language Reference Manual
This free PDF file is a reference guide to vEdit's macro and programming language.
vEdit Wiki
This is a newer free resource (that we are adding to) that includes in-depth help on using vEdit and the macro language.
Get answers to frequently asked sales and technical questions.
vEdit Help
vEdit includes extensive interactive and context-sensitive help, available from the vEdit Help menu and many dialogs and the HELP macro language command.
vEdit Installation Files
The files ERRATA.TXT, WHATSNEW.TXT and README.TXT files in the directory into which VEDIT was installed have information regarding your specific version and more.

Other Resources

vEdit and its community of users have several additional resources that can help you expand your use of vEdit and your own library of macros.

Warning: We provide or list these resources without any warranty, express or implied. They have no official relationship with vEdit and are mostly maintained (if at all) by third parties. Use them at your own risk.
vEdit Forum
This is a great way to interact with other users, share ideas and macros, and get help during off-hours.
Christian Ziemski's vEdit Fan Page
Enthusiastic VEDIT user Christian Ziemski has his own website with over 100 additional macros. Some, but not all, of the macros are also available in the user discussion forum.
Scott Lambert's vEdit Library
Enthusiastic VEDIT user Scott Lambert had a large library of VEDIT macros that he wrote and collected. The library is now under Christian Ziemski's site.
Pauli Lindgren's vEdit Resources
Enthusiastic VEDIT user Christian Ziemski maintains his own large library of vEdit macros.

Thanks to the users above for enriching the vEdit experience with your work, and to everyone else out there in the community who does the same!