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Tech Support

"I tell people that your products are superb, of course. But even more important, I tell them the conscientious support and consideration you and your staff give your customers is unmatched anywhere. Thank you for the generous support you have provided me over the years."

A. Morton, St. Paul, MN

"Not ONE of the other software vendors I deal with has HALF the responsiveness to or consideration for their customers that you do.  Keep up the good work!"

Carroll Slemaker, El Torro, CA

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If you need help:

Note: For support via e-mail, we try to reply within a few hours, but please allow up to 48 hours for a response.

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To report a possible bug:

We will typically notify you within one day on whether or not we can replicate your bug report. We try hard to fix all serious bugs within a few days. We will then notify you when we release a new version which corrects your reported problem; we may first send you a preliminary version to test.

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To make a suggestion:

We welcome all suggestions which can be sent to us in several ways:

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User Discussion Forum:

We encourage all users to join the User Forum. It is a great way to interact with other users, share ideas and macros, and get help during off-hours. It is exceptionally easy to use with an Explorer-like interface. It has many options, including receiving new messages from topics that interest you via e-mail. You can then also reply by e-mail. It is current organized into the following topics:

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Other VEDIT related websites:

Enthusiastic VEDIT user Christian Ziemski has his own VEDIT website with over 100 additional macros. Some, but not all, of the macros are also available in the user discussion forum.

Enthusiastic VEDIT user Scott Lambert also has his own VEDIT website which includes a large library of VEDIT macros that he is writing and collecting.

Enthusiastic VEDIT user Pauli Lindgren also has his own VEDIT website which includes a large library of VEDIT macros that he has written.

(Greenview does not endorse theses or any other websites.)