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Search/Replace with VEDIT

"I love VEDIT. All those little C programs I used to write to chew up one file and put it in another format I now use your cool macro language to do. I especially enjoy the faster-than-light Search and Replace."

Greg Humenik, E. Lansing, MI

Search for Control Characters

VEDIT has an exceptionally wide range of search/replace capabilities. You can use VEDIT's own pattern matching or UNIX Regular Expressions. You can search for any control, null, CR, LF or other special characters. You can search/replace within highlighted or columnar blocks.

For example, to search for any non-standard control character (other than Tab, Carriage-Return and Line-Feed), press <F2> (the default Search key) and enter the following search string:

|K               Note: "|" is Shift-\

To search for any graphics character (decimal value above 127), enter:


The following will search for any non-standard control character OR graphics character. This is a quick way to check that an ASCII file doesn't contain any strange characters. (You want the search to fail.)


To search for a null character, enter:


To search for a character with hexadecimal value 'xx', enter:


For more information about searching, press <F2> to start a new search and then <F1> for extensive on-line help. See also the "Search" help topic. The menu item {HELP, Tutorial, Search and replace} explains Search/replace in more detail, including within a columnar block.

VEDIT can also search all open files with the menu function {SEARCH, Search all buffers} or search/replace through huge groups of files (even thousands} with the {MISC, WILDFILE} function. The {SEARCH} and {USER} menus contain additional search operations.

If you have any questions about searching or other aspects of VEDIT, please don't hesitate to contact us. (There is rarely any wait to reach technical support.)

Please Contact Us With Any Sales or Technical Questions:

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8178 Jackson Road
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Telephone (Sales): In US and Canada call Toll-Free 1.800.458.3348

International: 734.426.7500

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