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General Sales Information

Thank you for your interest in ordering VEDIT. This page contains detailed sales and ordering information. More sales information is available with the following links:

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Brief Product Description and Pricing

VEDIT - VEDIT quickly edits absolutely any file up to 2 Gigabytes (2000 Megabytes). It includes 750+ pages of documentation and extensive on-line help. The powerful "off the cuff" macro language lets you automate editing tasks, create your own editing functions and fully utilize VEDIT's features. The Windows version is a 32-bit program designed for Windows XP/2003/Vista/7. Most features will work on Windows 98/ME/NT/2000, but these older versions are no longer supported.

The VEDIT for Windows single user is $89 (only $79 if you order on-line) - you download the software and manuals (Adobe .PDF files) from our Website - there is no shipping charge. A complete package with CD-ROM and printed manuals (750+ pages) is an additional $20 plus shipping. A downloaded 5-User Pack is $369.

The popular VEDIT Deluxe is priced at $139 ($129 if you order on-line). It includes the 32-bit Windows XP/2003/Vista/7 version, and the "Software Subscription Plan" (SSP) for 24 months of support and updates. A downloaded 5-User Pack is $569.

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It is quick and easy to order any product. All major credit cards are accepted. Purchase Orders are accepted from larger organizations.

NOTE: Most products can be ordered for "Download only" or as a complete package with disks and manuals. When ordering a complete package, you can also download the product and documentation from this web site so that you can start using it immediately. However, you will need a password before you can unzip the downloaded file(s) and install them. We can immediately provide the password when you call us, or within a few hours of receiving your on-line order or fax during normal business hours.

Credit Cards: We accept VISA, MasterCard (EuroCard), Discover and American Express. Please be sure to enter your complete credit card number, including expiration date.

Purchase Orders: Written Purchase Orders are accepted from US and Canadian organizations and their European affiliates but are subject to final approval before shipment is made. Selected international organizations may also pay by purchase order. Please contact us regarding terms, pricing, etc. If paying by check, please make funds available in US Dollars and preferably from a US Bank.

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Site Licensing

NETWORK PRICING:  The economical 5-User Pack includes licensing for 5 simultaneous users. The users can be "stand alone" or on a network; software can be installed on each workstation or on the network server. Two complete sets of printed documentation are included. Additional 5-User Packs are priced the same as the first one; however five 5-Users packs (25 users) can be purchased for the price of four.

SITE-LICENSE PRICING:  The single-user VEDIT versions are licensed for operation by one user at a time. Organizations with multiple users can purchase additional licenses or economical "5-User Packs". For special quantity pricing, please contact us directly.

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Technical Support

Unlimited (within reason) technical support by telephone (734-426-7500) is provided free of charge for three months to all registered users. We also give technical support via Fax (734-426-7510), e-mail ( ), and through our extensive web site (www.vedit.com). We typically will answer simple support questions after three months, but for more complicated questions, we may ask that you purchase an update or the Software Subscription Plan.

Please note that the popular VEDIT Deluxe includes 24 months of support and updates. Users will also benefit by providing us with their most current e-mail address so that we may send them our monthly on-line newsletter and other significant announcements.

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Software Subscription Plan (SSP)

The best way to benefit from our continuous VEDIT development is by purchasing the inexpensive Software Subscription Plan (SSP). With this plan, you receive unlimited (within reason) support and updates for 24 months. You can download any desired updates during the 24 months. We send an e-mail newsletter to all registered users every 3 - 4 months; this will inform you of all enhancements, fixes and changes. We typically have minor updates with new features every three months and significant updates with many new features every 12 months. An update is typically just a 6 Megabyte download which takes less than five minutes to install; all personal configuration settings, keyboard layout and macros are preserved.

The SSP is priced at $59 per license for 24 months of support and updates. Since you download everything, there is no shipping charge. The latest manuals are available to SSP members as Adobe .PDF files. When new printed manuals are available, they can optionally be purchased at additional cost (about $19 plus shipping). The SSP for 5 licenses is $240.

(Currently over 50% of our VEDIT customers are on the Software Subscription Plan.)

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Orders are normally processed within 24 hours and sent in the US and Canada via Airborne Express. Allow 5 working days for Airborne Express Ground delivery. Airborne Express Blue delivers within 2 working days. Airborne Express Red delivers overnight. Please remember that you can download the software and manuals from our website after placing your order.

Orders outside of the US/Canada are also shipped via Airborne Express; this typically takes 2 - 3 days. (The shipping charge for a single VEDIT is typically $28.)

We reserve the right to assess "reasonable" additional shipping charges to cover our costs. For example, ordering additional products or quantities will increase the shipping charges. Airborne Express to Mexico, the Caribbean and countries in Africa, South America, Eastern Europe and the Middle East is $55.

NOTE: Ordering items marked as "Download" have no shipping charges.

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Money-back Guarantee

Since the first VEDIT was sold back in 1980, we have been devoted to customer support and satisfaction. We are confident that you will be very satisfied with our software. However, if you are not, you may return it within 30 days for a full refund of the software price. This applies to the VEDIT Family editors and the EBCDIC conversion software. Note: Returns must be issued a "RMA" before refund is honored. Custom written macros and other contract work are not refundable.