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VEDIT Download Links

(Current Version is 6.24.2 dated 01/12/2015)

VEDIT 6.2 for Windows

Use the following links to download the Windows version of VEDIT. The VEDIT User's Manual and the VEDIT Macro Language Reference Manual are available as Adobe Acrobat .PDF files.

If you have a fast connection, we suggest downloading the files that include the VEDIT manuals as .PDF files. The .PDF files can be opened from VEDIT's {HELP} menu.

Alternatively, you can download just the Windows version without the .PDF files.
See the instructions below.

VEDIT for Windows

vpw-6242.exe | vpw-6242.zip ~ 2.0 MB

VEDIT and Pro64 for Windows with .PDF files

v64-6242.exe | v64-6242.zip ~ 6.0 MB

VEDIT for Windows with .PDF files

vpa-6242.exe | vpa-6242.zip ~ 6.0 MB

VEDIT 6.0 Manual - 448 Pages

v60-pdf.zip | vedit60.pdf ~ 2.0 MB

VEDIT 6.0 Macro Language Manual - 304 Pages

vp60-pdf.zip | vplus60.pdf ~ 1.4 MB

Instructions for .EXE files

  1. Download the desired .EXE file into a temporary directory such as c:\temp; do not download it into a directory already containing VEDIT.
  2. Run the .EXE file (e.g. by double-clicking on it). (They are self-extracting "zip" files.)
  3. Running the VPA-xxxx.EXE file immediately starts the installation. You can install or update the Windows version. Running the V64-xxxx.EXE file immediately starts the installation. It will install both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of VEDIT for Windows. Note: if you did not explicitly purchase VEDIT Pro64, the 64-bit version will only run as a trial version. Running the VPW-xxxx.EXE file immediately starts the installation. You can install or update only the Windows version. Select the [Quick] installation option. This will install the new version with the fewest questions. It will transfer the configuration and keyboard layout from the previous version to the new version.
  4. After installation, run VEDIT, select {HELP, Topics} and go to the "What's New" topic. This summarizes the new features and has links to their full description.

Instructions for .ZIP files

  1. After downloading a .ZIP file, you must unzip it with WinZip, Pkunzip, or a similar program.
    • With WinZip, open the ".ZIP" file and select the "Install" function or icon. This extracts the files into a temporary directory and runs the "setup" program to start the installation. (The temporary files are then automatically deleted after the installation is done.)
    • With Pkunzip for Windows, open the ".ZIP" file and first extract the file into a temporary directory such as "c:\temp". Next, run the "setup" program to start the installation.
    • Note: just double-clicking the "setup.exe" file in the Pkunzip window before extracting the files does not work. In our opinion, Pkunzip for Windows is more difficult to use than WinZip.
  2. Run the "setup" program to install the Windows version.
  3. Continue with step 3 above for .EXE files.

If you repeatedly have trouble downloading these files, it may be due to common Internet congestion or a firewall at your company's Internet connection. Please try the following:

If you need additional assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.