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"I am very much impressed by your excellent product. This is the best Windows program I've ever seen! And I appreciate the identical DOS version."

Werner Dappen, Glendale, CA

"I have been delighted to find VEDIT the best general-purpose editor that I have ever experienced. Indeed, it is as though the best features of all other editors have been put together in a single package."

Philip Hughes, University of Michigan

Performance - VEDIT has every feature you need.

Originally created in 1980* as the first programmer's editor, VEDIT has evolved into a unique multi-function tool that effortlessly handles all of your routine, tricky and huge file editing needs.

Today, VEDIT has every advanced feature you need, is easy to use, can quickly edit any file and is fully programmable. With our 23 year track record and continuous development, it's the last editor you will ever need. Our commitment to the best possible technical support ensures that you will be happy with VEDIT in every way.

* VEDIT was first advertised in the May 1980 issue of Byte Magazine. Enjoy reading our old ads.

"VEDIT is great!!! In fact, my company wouldn't exist if it weren't for it. We sell database CD's. In the creation, I have to edit files of 1.5 GB. I don't know of any other editor that can do that."

Jasper Hedin, AffarsData AB, Sweden

On the market for 31 years, more than 150,000 licensed users worldwide have benefited from VEDIT's power for the toughest editing jobs.

Lightning fast multi-purpose tool:

Speed - VEDIT is the fastest editor available.

"VEDIT is the FASTEST Text Editor in the WORLD!!! 2 million replaces in a 100 meg file in less than a minute!!!  Buy this editor today if you need speed. You won't regret it."

Peter F. Brown, worldcommunity.com

"VEDIT is superb. It blows every editor I've used out of the water for speed and functionality."

John Schmidt, Phoenix, AZ

Speed is critical when editing huge files. Only VEDIT has the speed to "realistically" edit 20MB, 200MB and larger files. VEDIT is 10 times faster than any other editor, and 100 to 1000 times (not percent!) faster than some other popular editors on huge files.

Someday, soon, you'll have to edit a huge file and you won't want to use an editor that takes hours for just a single search and replace.

VEDIT's exceptional speed is due to 20 years of continuous development and that it's mostly written in hand optimized assembly language. Not only is it fast on large files, it's also very compact and the most responsive program you'll ever use. Instant startup, instant everything.

Just how fast is VEDIT?

VEDIT can perform a global search/replace with thousands of occurrences in just 50% more time than it takes your computer to simply copy the file! This is true even if you are editing a 2000 Megabyte file; in the process VEDIT will use only a few megabytes of memory.

For example, to open a huge 100 megabyte file, perform a search/replace with 2 million occurrences and close the file takes only 10 seconds with a 2 Ghz CPU.)

(Technical: One reason that VEDIT is so much faster than other Windows editors is that it uses its own optimized virtual memory management. Other editors use the general-purpose virtual memory and swap file built into Windows, which is much easier to implement, but also much slower.)


"I tell people that your products are superb, of course. But even more important, I tell them the conscientious support and consideration you and your staff give your customers is unmatched anywhere."

Ian A. Morton, St. Paul, MN

Perhaps the most important feature of VEDIT is our friendly, no-hassle, old-fashioned support. VEDIT includes three months of unlimited (within reason) free technical support to all registered users. Most users purchase our inexpensive Software Subscription Plan (SSP) for 24 months of support and a minimum of 24 months of updates. If you have a question, just give us a call and you'll have an immediate answer. Real people answer the phones and there rarely is any wait to reach sales or expert technical support. We also offer prompt support via e-mail, fax and regular mail.

Our new user forum at forum.vedit.com provides up-to-date news and discussion forums where you can post technical questions and share ideas and macros. You'll often receive answers to questions within minutes from users around the world.

With the 750+ pages of printed documentation supplied with VEDIT and the extensive on-line help in all VEDIT editors, most users never need technical support. However, we are readily available to answer any questions.

Please Contact Us With Any Sales or Technical Questions:

Greenview Data, Inc.
8178 Jackson Road
Suite A
Ann Arbor, MI 48103 USA


Telephone (Sales): In US and Canada call Toll-Free 1.800.458.3348

International: 734.426.7500

Fax: 734.426.7510