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VEDIT Features

"First of all, I would like to say I am a happy VEDIT user since 1993. VEDIT is the best editor I have ever used. The macro language is my favorite: it's easy to use; yet, flexible enough for all my editing needs. Plus great docs too!"

Steve T. Pham, Irvine, CA

"The essential features I like and have missed with other editors are: VEDIT is fast, allows hex editing with split screen for hex and ASCII, allows editing of all characters (incl. ASCII-Null), allows arbitrarily long lines."

Anton Wessel, Munich, Germany

Fast, Flexible Editing of Any Text/Data File

Easy to Use, Fully Configurable

Advanced Features

For Programmers

For Writers and Publishers

Complete Operating System Support

Windows Version:

Macro Programming Language

"I love VEDIT. All those little C programs I used to write to chew up one file and put it in another format I now use your cool macro language to do. I especially enjoy the faster-than-light Search and Replace."

Greg Humenik, E. Lansing, MI

Simplifies otherwise complex and time consuming tasks.

Click on VEDIT MACRO for more detailed information.

Exceptional Value

Specifications subject to change without notice. For system specification requirements refer to the Spec's section.