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"I can say with a clear conscience that VEDIT is the best text editor I have ever encountered. I have been using VEDIT since the 1980's."

Frank Pacey, Epping, Australia

"I have used VEDIT for over 10 years. It's been a Godsend to me countless times, especially the many times I've had to work with files of 100+ meg and had no other tool available to realistically work with these. I've never had another tool that has been so incredibly useful for so long, for such a wide variety of tasks! Also, I've called your office several times with questions and have always had very good customer support."

Mike Gentry, Cincinnati, OH

"VEDIT continues to be a FANTASTIC program. I've been using and recommending it for years. Right now I'm writing some scripts to do XML conversions that would have otherwise cost me a fortune to farm out. In fact, I've used very few programs over the years that I've found as useful as VEDIT.

Mark Novembrino, Cisco, Inc.

"I'd like to thank you VEDIT folks for designing the best hunk of application software that I have used in many years. It is really rare to see a product like yours; stable, powerful, elegant, compact, challenging, consistent and supremely useful. And not only does the software work beyond my expectations, it's well documented too."

Jim Hirshfeld, Detroit, MI

"I LOVE VEDIT, it has been a life saver on a weekly basis for the past 4 years. It has been the best friend this anthropologist turned IT guy has ever had. Keep up the good work."

Dustin Frank, Kodata Solutions, Inc.

"The computer support staff in my USDA office know that I have VEDIT on my computer and constantly advise me to remove it because "It is not a Microsoft product". We had the need to re-format several huge (25-50 MB) weather data files for loading on a new server. The managers in our office were preparing to send this to a contractor at the tune of several thousand dollars and about 1-2 months to complete. I mentioned that I had a software program that should be able to do what they wanted. They chuckled and said that there was no way we (the USDA) had the ability or time to do this. That was my cue. I took one of the files and went to work. After a couple of hours and a little trial-and-error, I was successful. I ran the other weather data files through the same process and had the finished product by the end of the day. The staff was in disbelief and tried to find errors in the data. No errors were found. I will remove my Microsoft programs long before I remove VEDIT."

Flint Cheney, Lakewood, CO

"Received the software and manuals today and just wanted to reiterate how pleased I am with everything. The manuals are first rate (Microsoft could learn something here) and the software is small, elegant and powerful. Everything should be written this well! What an absolutely wonderful and professional company!"

Greg C. McNichol, Chicago, IL

"VEDIT is, still, the most profitable, most productive, piece of software I have ever purchased."

Steven Mitchell, Middlebury, IN

"My congratulations for a really great product! I'm an accountant working for the Italian branch a big US bank. We had a local regulators bank inspection on site. I had to provide the spool file of our loan inventory (550+ MB sized). My technology department downloaded it from mainframe WITHOUT converting from EBCDIC to ASCII and, immediately after, lost the original spool file. VEDIT (that I bought privately for my own use) converted the ASCII file from a confused soup of unreadable characters to a perfect image of our printout in less than an hour. I've been since then supporting your product among my colleagues. You keep up with the American standard of great products meeting the real needs of real people (wish Bill Gates could learn something from you)! Best regards from a very grateful accountant."

Marco Colombo, Italy

"The essential features I like and have missed with other editors are: VEDIT is fast, allows hex editing with split screen for hex and ASCII, allows editing of all characters (including ASCII-Null), allows arbitrarily long lines."

Anton Wessel, Munich, Germany

"I've enjoyed using your VEDIT for many purposes since the late 80's. It's always been one of those programs that sets standards for performance, usefulness and the ability to adapt it to many needs. Needless to say, if Microsoft or any of the other elephant size program developers out there could program half as well as Greenview, we all could work more efficiently."

Bruce Faierson, Deerfield, IL

"You guys have done an outstanding job with the new version. The Windows version blows me away with it's speed - its unreal for such a powerful program! "

Samuel Vincent, Hyde Park, PA

"I love VEDIT. All those little C programs I used to write to chew up one file and put it in another format I now use your cool macro language to do. I especially enjoy the faster-than-light Search and Replace."

Greg Humenik, E. Lansing, MI

"VEDIT customer support is defined by one word -- integrity. You provide the best customer support I have experienced in over 20 years of using a personal computer."

Al Clark, Santa Clara, CA

"I have used VEDIT since early 1990's. I have gone from programmer (Cobol and C), to DBA (SQL), to UNIX (shell scripts) to my current job which requires VBA and large text file editing. I have always enjoyed your product and find it the most useful of all the editors I have seen."

Al Cattani, North Brunswick, NJ

"I will give up VEDIT when you can pry my cold, dead fingers from it. It's the LAST program I'll give up. If you put a gun to my head and tell me to use Word instead of WordPerfect, I'll moan and groan about it into the next century. But if you put a gun to my head and tell me not to use VEDIT, I'll tell you to go ahead, pull the trigger. To paraphrase an NRA bumper sticker I once saw, "My wife, yes. My dog, maybe. VEDIT, never!"

Dean Randall, Columbia, MD

"Not to sound gushy about it, but VEDIT is the only tool that I've hung on to for years - compilers, assemblers, and utilities come and go, but I would quit programming if I had to give up VEDIT. Really. Buy some tattoo needles, load up the Harley and scrape out a living at biker swap meets. Anything but programming without VEDIT."

Carl Haddick, Mexia, TX

"Thank you for taking the time to personally answer the message. The quality of VEDIT over the past 15 years demonstrates the care that you have for your product."

Steve Weir, Petaluma, CA

"I found VEDIT when I was searching on the web for an ascii editor that would edit every CNC program that we have (over 5000 of them) without having to open each one. I needed to do a search and replace on the first line of each program. I have been using it ever since for all my CNC editing tasks. I especially appreciate the powerful macro features which have allowed me to do every task that I was using three other editors to do before."

Dewayne Cheramie, Parker Hannifin Corporation

"I am very satisfied with your product, and find it very easy to utilize its features. I want to thank your company for making my job of Cobol programming easier."

Jon Sheetz, Northern Illinois University

"The new version 5.20 added just the right features, feels the same, and seemed to fix the only (minor) bug I was able to find in 5.16. I have an extensive macro collection for converting files and NOTHING broke after installing the new version. Customer service is quick, accurate, and rarely needed. You should sell your software development strategy and management techniques to the companies I work for."

Glen Henry, Cary, NC

"I've been a happy VEDIT user since 1983. Since then, I figure VEDIT has saved me several thousand hours of editing time. In fact, I'd venture that with all the features of VEDIT, it has made me about twice as productive in editing C programs as some other programmers using other editors.

Normally I don't send out testimonials, but recently I had an experience that I thought you'd enjoy hearing about. A couple of people where I work had a 650 MB ASCII file from which they had to extract some data. They were panicked because they had to respond to a client with the information that same day. They had tried to open the file using Microsoft Word, and after four hours, it still hadn't opened the file. Someone who knew I used VEDIT referred them to me. I used VEDIT and within about five minutes had extracted the information they were looking for. Thanks for an excellent product!"

Bob Kern, Buffalo Grove, IL

"My surprise turned to delight when I installed the Windows version (under Win95) and found that it was the only DOS emigrant program I have ever used where the Windows version was actually better and faster than the DOS version! I don't know how you did it, but I congratulate you. Your company is one of the only ones I have dealt with over the past fifteen years which has consistently given great value for my money. Now that I, and not a large corporation, pay for my software, that is very important. I have never had a question that you have not answered to my satisfaction. Very best wishes for many more years of success with your fine products!"

Michael H. Ostrowsky,R.Ph, Riverton, UT

"I'm continually astonished at how promptly responsive and helpful you are. Many thanks!"

Bill Ingram, Ann Arbor, MI

"The VEDIT search function proved indispensable for sifting through 3million lines of trace to find the information I needed to resolve aparticularly difficult problem."

Rayo Goforth, Eugene OR

"VEDIT really makes Brief (or any other editors, for that matter) redundant! It is a total joy to work with and the menu system makes it very easy to handle. A great job, THANKS!!"

Stefan Elf, Skelleftea, Sweden

"VEDIT is also like my Swiss army knife, helping out in unexpected situations like plucking out and weaving together damaged WordPerfect files from salvaged clusters from a floppy disk."

Reed Darsey, Bayou La Batre, LA

"I have been delighted to find VEDIT the best general purpose editor that I have ever experienced. Indeed, it is as though the best features of all other editors have been put together in a single package."

Philip Hughes, Ann Arbor, MI

"I have already become addicted to VEDIT 5.0. I think you did an outstanding job to transform a former DOS-program to an almost perfect Windows'95 program. I am also very thankful that you did not have to change the macro language..."

Hans W. Lehmann, Hedingen, Switzerland

"Just wanted to pass on a note of thanks for VEDIT Version 5.0. I just received it today and it's great! I have been a registered user for quite a few years."

Paul Roskos, Bayonne, NJ

"I just received your shipment, and I am very much impressed by your excellent product. This is the best windows program I ever seen! And I appreciate the identical DOS version."

Werner Dappen, Glendale, CA

"Thank you for coming through for me on the upgrade! I appreciate doing business with a company which is responsive to the needs of the customers..... Please, keep up the good work!"

R. Getsla, Silverdale, WA

"I would like to wish you and your company all the best and I look forward to future transactions with yourselves kind regards."

Al Lovett. Liverpool, England

"I have used VEDIT since version 4.0 or something (At least four years) Love it. Simply the Best in all Ways."

R. Edgar Scrutton, Windsor, Canada

"Just started using VEDIT for windows. Fantastic! Quick, powerful, easy to use - just like it says in the marketing hype."

Tim Sparks, York, PA

"Congratulations on Version 5. I have used VEDIT since the Osborne days and depend on it to make a living."

Richard Spears, Glenview, IL

"I recently installed VEDIT for Windows, and I think you should know that it is terrific!"

Howard Spindel, Tualatin, OR

"VEDIT is one of my favorite programs, and is definitely the best text editor I have seen."

David Blum M.D., Los Angeles, CA

"VEDIT is superb. It blows every editor I've used out of the water for speed and functionality."

John Schmidt, Phoenix, AZ

"I’m using VEDIT for about 8 years now. Itīs a great tool and your support is really responsive!"

Viele Gruesse aus Deutschland.

"Bless you. I downloaded v5.0 and installed it. I love it."

John P. Dwyer, Chicago, IL

"The exactitude of the context sensitive help was impressive!"

Al Kaplan, Oakland, CA

"You have an outstanding program."

Jerome Walter, Austin, Texas

"The new DOS and Windows versions of VEDIT work great! Thanks for a great editing tool."

Alex Janssen, Charlottesville, VA

"The new Windows version is really great....Nice job!"

Grant Blank, Chicago, IL

"VEDIT is the smartest text editor in this solar system. You're cool. Keep it going."

Clint Danbury, Dallas, TX

"Many of my software tools have changed over the years, but not my fondness for VEDIT. Thanks for a reliable product."

Mark Vargo, NY, NY

"I am most pleased at your responsiveness to problems. Maybe you could give lessons to Bill Gates?"

Shelomo ben-Avraham, Jerusalem, Israel

"Have received the Unix version of VEDIT today. Looks great so far. I'm so happy I hope I don't wet my pants. No more 'vi'. Thanks for all your help."

Rick Gentry, Farmington, MI

"Thank you very much for your latest version of VEDIT. Your new features are really very impressive and useful. Your creativity and productivity is amazing."

William Herron, San Diego, CA

"Just thought I'd drop a line telling you that I really like the way you captured the feel of the original VEDIT in the Windows Edition."

Jerry Jankura, Cleveland, OH

"I think your VEDIT is one of the fastest (and the most compact) editors...your product seemingly outspeeds all other domestic ones."

Shun Saeki, Kumamoto, Japan

"Congratulations on your release of the first editor for windows that is worth the time it takes to use it. I have been using your product for longer than I care to admit and it has always been my editor of choice."

Carmen Gassi, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

"My update to V on subscription just arrived and I must say that using your program on Dos and Unix since the very beginning, 60's (actually the 80's) I think, THIS NEW VERSION IS THE BEST! thanks, thanks,thanks."

Dr. R.G. Black, Sugarland, TX

"I just got my copy of VEDIT 5.0 (used through win95) and first impressions are quite good. Your program is truly unique and I have been using it for a number of years."

Keith Westerfield, NY, NY

"In closing I must say how much I have enjoyed using VEDIT over the past years, and expect to for quite a while yet. - its simply the BEST EDITOR I have come across, and I've seen quite a few."

Brett S Hallett, Victoria, Australia

"I really appreciate how I always get a quick response from this company. It really goes a long way towards making the impersonal PC interfaces seem like personal support."

Name Withheld Upon Request, Ithica, NY

"Thanks for creating this little gem. Finding anybody to support DOS programs under Windows 95 or even Windows is extremely difficult. This program saved my tail end after I convinced my boss he needed to upgrade to Win95, then he couldn't use his old Paradox on our the network."

Tom Psenak, Denver, CO

"Great Job! I could not be happier with the new VEDIT 5.0. A great evolutionary step for a great product. It’s great having a windows version but I often run the DOS version because some of my other tools don't run well under windows."

Gary Barbour, Sevierville, TN

"It's interesting that, after playing with Brief, the Sage Editor, and Codewright, I still keep coming back to VEDIT. Too bad that the Windows version wasn't out early enough to keep me from spending money on Codewright. VPW beats it hands down."

Jerry Jankura, Cleveland, OH

"In my opinion, you guys really got you act together. I have been writing programs for over twenty years, and VEDIT is the best editor I've ever used. Sometimes my colleagues are hampered by long record lengths when editing, but I have never had a problem with VEDIT. Keep up the good work!!"

Ed O'Rorke, Long Island City, NY

"I tell people that your products are superb, of course. But even more important, I tell them the conscientious support and consideration you and your staff give your customers is unmatched anywhere. Thank you for the generous support you have provided me over the years."

Ian A. Morton, St. Paul, MN

"I don't want an overgrown editor with a lot of excess baggage for programming it. That is one of the things I didn't like about Brief. It was much too large and slow, I never really could figure out their programming junk and their support was the pits. And you can quote me on that!"

Bob Stephan, Pebble Beach, CA

"As a long-time satisfied user of VEDIT, I hadn't expected so many changes as were included in this latest release; I do appreciate the many enhancements. My enthusiasm for the new release prompted my boss to ask if I was getting a commission, or being paid to promote the product. Keep up the good work."

Reese Anschultz, Culver City, CA

"You have again provided us with another 'goodie filled' update to your product. As per usual, I am pleasantly surprised at the new features you are providing with your update. You folks have taken a great product and just keep making it better."

Paul E. Richmond, New Port Richey, FL

"VEDIT is the first product (not just editor) for DOS with which I am completely satisfied."

J.A. O'Brien, Edwardstown, Australia

"I just wanted you to know that I was considering other packages, but I couldn't seem to get any response from them via email or on the phone, so your being so responsive to answering my questions via email was what made the difference. It's nice to see that some companies actually pay attention to the e-mail that they get from their websites!"

Joe Zimmerman, Tonawanda, NY

"Congratulations to Mr. T.Green, T.Burt and C.Scott !!! I have bought your smart VEDIT Windows/DOS and I was very surprised. I am happy to know, that there are still clever programmers in good health on earth, where the target is a rich functional piece of software instead of a fat bomb of cancer bytes. I am programmer myself and I think Greenview Data is on the right road!!!"

A.Herzog, Switzerland

"First, let me say that I have been using VEDIT since the days of CP/M, and it is by far the best programmer's editor on the market. Each time I think VEDIT can't get any better, it does. But the best tools always come from people that have to use them for a living. Just about everyone that I have managed to get to try VEDIT, prefers it to Brief. Keep up the good work!"

David H. Hawkins, Framingham, MA

"When it comes to editors, I've tried them all. Every once in a while, I get tempted by the hype to try something other than VEDIT. Experience has shown me, however, that nothing really can compare to VEDIT. It does what I want, and it does it quickly--and without loading my hard drive with a lot of trash."

Gene A. Del Polito, Washington, D.C.

"I just received my copy of VEDIT and am very happy with it. I have occasion to edit files up to 40 megabytes, and haven't had a proper editor for it up until now. VEDIT's speed is incredible. I ran thru 20 MB of data today -- VEDIT has quadrupled my production rate for this sort of thing already. Well done to the programmers!"

Bruce Nunn, Los Angeles, CA

"I visited your web site yesterday, and it looks GREAT! I must have read every page at least twice. Even though I'm quite familiar with your product, the advent of a new release of VEDIT still generates excitement. (I don't get that feeling from some other vendors!) It occurred to me that VEDIT is the only tool that doesn't leave me with the feeling of diminishing returns or code bloat after using it for awhile. With 11 years of VEDIT experience, this product is tried and true!"

David Hughes, Middletown, NY

"One of our Credit Card Servicing Center clients needed a First Data Resource (FDR) Master File converted in an extremely short time frame for a major project; I contacted the experts at Greenview Data. Within 48 hours we had a solution utilizing VEDIT and their top-notch consulting service. It was not only done on time, but the price was very reasonable. I am very pleased with the service we received and the people are great to deal with – real hands-on and very knowledgeable." Mike Wheeler, CEO, Asset Research & Retention, LLC, Sioux Falls, SD

"Hi, I see that VEDIT has many admirers. I want to add my name to the list. VEDIT has allowed me to accomplish what seemed to be an impossible job. I needed to change a variable from single precision to double precision .. in hundreds of programs scattered all over the disk ( and many times within each program !) VEDIT did the job quickly and perfectly. I also at times need to edit very large damaged files - Again no problem with VEDIT. A great, powerful and indispensable addition to a programmer's tool box. Thanks for a great piece of work."

Len Schneider, Belfast, ME

"Go ahead and quote me to your best advantage! I know that everything you will say is 100% correct because simply put VEDIT is a wonderful program! Also, I would like to mention that I have found you guys to be exceptionally helpful and responsive to our needs. If you recall, from time to time, I have a need to request clarification or other help and I really appreciate the assistance you have extended at these times. Compare this with support (or lack thereof) from most software vendors these days!!!"

S. Krishna, Grapevine, TX

"I have been using VEDIT for almost 2 years to develop programs in C and Rbase. I was recently given the task of breaking up a very large print file. I didn't think anything about it until I saw how big it really was - over 5 Megs! Your program was 'SUPERB' in the way it moved from one area to another and printed the file! The other guy in the office had tried several editors available to him, but none of them would even read in the file. I've really enjoyed using your program ever since I received it, but today you made me look like a real HERO. Thank You. Keep up the good work."

Patrick Roy, Dallas, TX

"I just received your latest and greatest edition of VEDIT (version 4.20) and I am really, really impressed with how it has improved with age (just like a fine wine). I have used VEDIT for what seems to be years and I always have my copy of it on a floppy disk when I go out and teach or consult with people and their computers. I would not be caught dead without it (well, maybe I wouldn't take it with me to the grave but you get the idea)."

Gary Marc Remson, Sherman Oaks, CA

"Ted, these exchanges with you is why I keep beating the drum for VEDIT. Generally, I don't like problems with software. It's annoying and takes time from productive tasks. But it is a fact of life and part of our industry. What makes all the difference is getting INTELLIGENT, COURTEOUS, and PROMPT support, and that's a hallmark of Greenview Data. Again, my heartfelt applause for your responsiveness and attention to customer concerns. Wish Billy G's company was 1/10th as responsive!!! Can you imagine me getting this kind of support from Mr. Gates' minions? I think not! Thank you for the time you take to address the problems I find instead of just blowing me off with "You must have something wrong in your autoexec file."

Steve Margison, Downers Grove, IL

"I just wanted to drop you a note to give you a big thanks, the new version is behaving beautifully, and I really appreciate the changes that you made."

Greg Palmer, Buffalo, NY

"I reviewed eleven editors, among them VEDIT. Many of the programs shared features I wanted, and some gave me what I felt was room to grow as my needs grew. However, none gave me all of the features of VEDIT in as small a file. The physical size of VEDIT coupled with the fast execution of its functions and the flexibility of its own programmability were instrumental in my decision to make this my last editor."

John J. Neubauer, Baltimore, MD