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VEDIT 6.20 (May 12, 2011)

After a 6-year heiatus, VEDIT 6.20 was finally released. During this time VEDIT's only full-time programmer Tom Burt retired after 25 years, and I (Ted Green) am currently the sole programmer. During the past eight years I started a new company SpamStopsHere which did very well and two years ago we merged this back under the Greenview name with a full complement of email security and hosting products. Greenview is now ten times the size it was with just VEDIT. Fortunately with my younger brother Phil running the technical side of the business, Joel Abramson (COO) running the business side, and a dozen experienced support staff taking care of all else 24/7, the email business has been running very well without my continuous involvement. I have therefore been able to spend most of the past six months working on VEDIT and 6.20 is the result. I would like to add that most of VEDIT's "sales" the past few years have been for EBCDIC (mainframe) conversion software and services. The services have all been performed by Tony Taylor who has been able to convert tricky EBCDIC files that no other software or company could handle.

VEDIT 6.20 includes a lot of work which was performed over the past few years but never released. For example, Gabe Lein worked on the new .CHM help system for six months back in 2008. Tom Burt wrote the preliminary Email and Ftp support back in 2004 and due to his retirement it was never finalized; therefore it remains in beta-test mode in version 6.20. I would also like to thank VEDIT customers Christian Ziemski, Pauli Lindgren, Ian Binning and Scott Lambert for many new and updated macros that are included in version 6.20.

The primary enhancements in VEDIT 6.20 include:

The whatsnew.txt file give gives a short summary of all enhancements.

The veditlog.txt file gives a short listing of each enhancement, change and bug fix.

It is hard to believe that I started VEDIT over 30 years ago and it is still going strong. I would like to thank many of you for decades of support! Ted Green.


Selecting {HELP, About} in your existing VEDIT will indicate whether you are eligible for a free update to 6.20. If the line reads "Eligible for updates through 6.2..." or later, then you can simply download the new version and it will work with your existing serial-registration number. Generally anyone on a current Software Subscription Plan or recent purchaser of version 6.1 will be eligible for a free update.

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VEDIT 6.13 (Jan. 25, 2005)

While VEDIT 6.13 is numerically a "minor" release, it includes several significant enhancements:

The whatsnew.txt file give gives a short summary of all enhancements. The veditlog.txt file gives a short listing of each enhancement, change and bug fix.


All VEDIT 6.1x customers are eligible for 6.13. However, if you are still running 6.10, you need a new serial number which was emailed to you on Nov. 4, 2003. Or you can login to get it; you will need to enter the first 5 digits of your old serial number and either your name, zip code or customer ID.

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VEDIT Pro64 (Oct. 30, 2003)

The new VEDIT Pro64 uses a 64-bit internal design to edit even 100+ Gigabyte files. It can edit absolutely any text, data, binary, EBCDIC or other file. The regular VEDIT has a maximum file size of 2 Gigabytes.

Even though VEDIT Pro64 is internally a 64-bit program, it still runs with the 32-bit Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.

Currently, the ability to edit larger files is the only advantage of VEDIT Pro64. However, upcoming enhancements for editing data files, EBCDIC files, conversions and sorting will only be available in VEDIT Pro64.


VEDIT customers that purchased the Software Subscription Plan (SSP) before July 31, 2004 are eligible for VEDIT Pro64. A new serial number was emailed to all VEDIT 6.1 and SSP customers on Oct. 31, 2003. If you do not have it, you can login to get it; you will need to enter the first 5 digits of your old serial number and either your name, zip code or customer ID.

VEDIT customers that purchased the SSP or VEDIT Deluxe after July 31, 2004 can upgrade to VEDIT Pro64 for the price difference of $100.

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VEDIT 6.10 released (Feb. 07, 2003)

The flexible new "Project" support in VEDIT 6.10 is perhaps our most useful enhancement ever. With the long list of new features, we are confident you will be very pleased with this new version.

This is a brief description of some of the recent enhancements in version 6.10 from 6.03. For more details:

VEDIT 6.10 is available as a 32-bit Windows version for Win98/ME/NT/2000/XP.

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VEDIT PLUS 6.03 released (June 21, 2002)

VEDIT+ 6.03 has great new features, new manuals and is exceptionally polished and stable. The new VEDIT 6.0 User's and Macro Language Reference manuals include about 100 additional pages, improved explanations and are completely up-to-date for version 6.03. The new manuals are available as .PDF files; the 750 page printed manuals can be ordered for only $20.

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VEDIT PLUS 6.00 released (Oct. 5, 2001)

This major update has a completely up-to-date Windows interface, much simpler configuration, more flexible startup options and powerful new features including fast, flexible, multi-key sorting of files up to 2 Gigabytes. (Originally planned for August, it took an extra month just to document all the new features in the on-line help.)

As always, it is very compact and has an improved installation. Updates can be installed in less than a minute with just a few clicks.

Convenient new features
More Powerful

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Enhanced EBCDIC conversion software (Aug. 9, 2000)

Our EBCDIC (mainframe to PC) conversion packages can translate packed-decimal (signed), packed-binary, zoned, packed-no-zone and other types of fields. Fixed-length, variable length and intermixed record types are all supported. See the EBCDIC page for details.

We can also provide a ready-to-run solution to any EBCDIC/ASCII conversion needs. This is a convenient service if you are not familiar with EBCDIC files and COBOL "copy-books" or prefer to delegate. In this case, we convert your first file(s) and give you the tools to easily convert additional files yourself.

Recent enhancements include:

The VEDIT trial version includes a trial version of the EBCDIC Level-2 conversion package. This can convert most EBCDIC files with fixed-length records to ASCII. The menu item {HELP, Tutorial, EBCDIC editing} gives a tutorial on EBCDIC editing and conversion.

Since EBCDIC conversion can be complicated, we encourage you to contact us with any questions you might have. And we promise a prompt response (typically within a few hours.)