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VEDIT Macro Language

Purpose of Program

VEDIT is an editor/translator designed not only for text preparation and program development, but also for editing large database, mainframe, and binary files. It can edit in ASCII, EBCDIC, Hexadecimal, Octal or any combination of modes. It supports variable length and fixed length database records.

The powerful macro language makes VEDIT an ideal alternative to conventional programming languages such as Basic, C or Pascal when writing file translators, converters, and filters. A single-line "macro" can often perform the equivalent of a 100+ line C program. Translation between ASCII and EBCDIC , and sorting are built in.

Since VEDIT can efficiently edit any type of file, including binary/data files and huge files up to 2 Gigabytes (2000 Megabytes) in size, it is ideal for editing and translating files downloaded from Mainframe computers and CD-ROM data files.

VEDIT can process entire groups of files automatically. For example the same edit changes can be applied to all files in directory, or even in all subdirectories.

Powerful, Easy to Use Macro Language

In normal "Visual Mode" editing, VEDIT is identical to VEDIT and has all of its features. However, VEDIT additionally has an interactive "Command Mode" which gives instant access to over 250 powerful macro language commands using a C-like programming syntax. (In computerese: The VEDIT macro language is interpreted and not compiled.)

This "Command Mode" makes the VEDIT macro language exceptionally easy to use. (It is much, much easier to learn and use than C.) Any desired sequence of commands can be entered at the "COMMAND:" prompt. The command(s) execute immediately when you press <Enter>; the main window lets you observe the effect the command(s) had on your field. Yes, there is undo.

The macro language is ideal for automating any repetitive editing operations. Macros can be saved as files for future use, can assigned to "hot-keys" to add custom editing features and can be added to the {USER} menu. Macros can easily be modified as needed.

VEDIT can be used as an application programming language. Most macros developed with VEDIT only require VEDIT to run (e.g., the below, list of provided macros in this demo). With many applications, users would need to know little or even nothing about VEDIT itself.

The 300+ page VEDIT Macro Language Reference Manual describes this in detail.

Macro Language Features

Macro Samples

VEDIT is supplied with numerous ready-to-run macros. The table in the Macro Library gives a partial list of the supplied macros that can be loaded/executed from the trial version of VEDIT.

Loading/Executing Macros in VEDIT:

  1. From the {MISC} menu, select {MISC, Load/execute macro}, or press the hot-key <Ctrl-F7>.
  2. A "Load/execute" dialog box will appear containing a list of macros. Similar to other {File, Open} dialog boxes, select the macro you wish run.