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Huge File Editing with VEDIT

"I just received my copy of VEDIT and am very happy with it. I have occasion to edit files up to 40 megabytes, and haven't had a proper editor for it up until now. VEDIT's speed is incredible. VEDIT has quadrupled my production rate for this sort of thing already. Well done to the programmers!"

Bruce Nunn, Los Angeles, CA

Overview of editing huge files in VEDIT

VEDIT quickly edits any file up to 2 Gigabytes (2000 megabytes) in size. See the FAQ page for the steps to split, edit and merge files larger than 2 Gigs.

VEDIT Pro64 can edit files over 100 Gigabytes. A recent newsletter describes it in detail.

>>> Notes and suggestions for editing huge (20+ Meg) files:

With huge 100+ megabytes files, it is therefore often faster to close the file (which is instantaneous when you are already at the end of the file) and reopen it, which is also instantaneous. This is especially true if the file is on a network. A trivial keystroke macro can do this with a "hot-key". (The keystroke macro is listed below.)

If you only need to view and search the file, you should open the file in "Read-only" mode. All navigation within the file is then instantaneous, e.g. you can instantly go the the beginning or the end. Note that in read-only mode, VEDIT will not always know what line number you are on since it has not had the chance to read and scan the entire file.

VEDIT can edit text files with lines of practically any length. Even lines with 100,000+ columns can be edited. Since it is tedious to horizontally scroll very long text lines, you can optionally wrap long lines on the screen by selecting {VIEW, Word wrap (display)} or by setting {CONFIG, Display options, Horizontal scroll margin}.

Many huge files are database files with fixed length records. You can more easily view and edit them by setting VEDIT to the correct record length with {CONFIG, File handling, File type} or by setting the record length at the bottom of the file-open dialog box.

As mentioned above, it is faster to go from the end of a huge file to the beginning by closing the file and reopening it. The following "hot-key" (keystroke macro) assigned to <Shift-F12> can do this for you. Select the menu item {CONFIG, Keyboard layout, Edit/view layout} and add the following line: (Be sure to press <Enter> at the end of the line.)

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