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Dear Computer User:

Thank you for your interest in VEDIT. Since 1980 VEDIT has been the favorite editor of programmers, writers and engineers. Our message to you is simple - VEDIT is the only program that will quickly and efficiently edit any text, data or binary file. VEDIT easily handles editing large database and mainframe files, and especially large files or numerous files going onto CD-ROM. VEDIT has also set the standard for program development editing.

Edit any file

VEDIT does what no other editor can: Edit absolutely, positively, any file you'll ever encounter. Quickly edit database, mainframe, binary and other non-standard files as effortlessly as text files. Handles file sizes up to 2000 Megabytes and unlimited line lengths.

Multi-mode editing

Edit in ASCII, Hex, Octal, EBCDIC or any combination of modes. Files modes support Windows/DOS, UNIX and Macintosh text files, plus data/binary files with variable or fixed length records.

Everything you want

Name any editing feature, and VEDIT probably has it. The normal keyboard layout, menu system and mouse supports are very similar to those found on new Microsoft and Borland products. The keyboard layout and everything else is fully configurable.

Unique features you'll love

Perform single-key file translations, sort records, hyper-browse CD-ROM files, "peek and poke" into system files, and much more. The VEDIT PLUS macro language is so powerful that just a few simple lines can do the same work as a tricky 100+ line C program.

Fast and compact

We guarantee that VEDIT is the fastest editor available for multi-megabyte files. Written mostly in assembly language, VEDIT PLUS for Windows is only 450K in size and uses no overlays or .DLLs. Moreover, the VPW.EXE file is all you need to edit any file and have full functionality. Our fully functional trial version of VEDIT PLUS includes an extensive hands-on tutorial and lets you edit your own files, of any size.

All VEDIT editors come with extensive documentation and a 30-Day Money-back guarantee. You may order online and all major credit cards are accepted. Additional copies (site licenses) are available and discounted 40% to 90%. Please contact us toll free with any sales, pricing or technical questions. Again, thank you for your interest in VEDIT.

Theodore Green, president


"I use [VEDIT] every single day at work. There's seldom a week that goes by where I don't say to myself something like, '...Yes Greenview, excellent, way to go...'. You folks have an excellent product. Your intelligence shows in the day-to-day operation of VEDIT".
        Clint Danbury, Stamford, CT


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