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Besides the "Brochure" on this page, the following information is also available:

VEDIT - Edit absolutely any file

VEDIT includes a powerful, fully programmable macro language

VEDIT Brochure

The first editor for the IBM PC and the last editor you will ever need.

VEDIT was first advertised in the May 1980 issue of Byte Magazine. (Only Microsoft has been around a little longer).  It became the #1 programmer's editor almost overnight. Within weeks of the introduction of the revolutionary IBM PC, VEDIT was available for it and became a popular tool with programmers, writers and engineers.

For over 20 years we have continuously developed VEDIT. We have implemented thousands of suggestions from our users and have consistently improved VEDIT's speed and power. That's why tricky files that stump other editors don't even cause VEDIT to flinch. No other editor has a track record like this - we can't count the number other editors that have come ... and gone.

Today, VEDIT has the advanced features you need for the toughest jobs. VEDIT quickly edits any file and is fully programmable. Given our experience and continuous development, VEDIT is the last editor you will ever need. Our commitment to the best possible technical support ensures that you will be happy with VEDIT in every way.

VEDIT - When you absolutely, positively have to edit any file.

"The essential features I like and have missed with other editors are: VEDIT is fast, allows hex editing with split screen for hex and ASCII, allows editing of all characters (incl. ASCII-Null), allows arbitrarily long lines."

Anton Wessel, Munich, Germany

"I just received my copy of VEDIT and am very happy with it. I have occasion to edit files up to 40 megabytes, and haven't had a proper editor for it up until now. VEDIT's speed is incredible. I ran through 20 MB of data today -- VEDIT has quadrupled my production rate for this sort of thing already. Well done to the programmers!"

Bruce Nunn, Los Angeles, CA

More Potholes Than The Worst Road

Editing a file. It sounds so simple. After all, you probably already have many editors. Windows includes "Notepad" and "Wordpad", and you probably have Microsoft "Word" too. Most compilers come with an editor; perhaps you even have one of the dedicated programmer's editor too. With all of these editors, you might assume that you can edit any file.

You Can't !

Only VEDIT can edit any file. The most popular (and expensive) editors today can't match VEDIT's performance. For example, can these products edit. . . ?

Almost every editor comes to a crawl with files bigger than a few megabytes. That may sound big, but look around. How about that 20 Meg Postscript file, your 50 meg database and the 500 Meg file on a CD-ROM.

VEDIT CAN!  Most editors can't handle these files because they are non-standard or too big (see benchmarks for comparison).  Moreover, traditional disk utilities only allow the most primitive viewing and patching. Remember that single corrupted data file that took days to fix? Were you using VEDIT?

VEDIT - Universal File Editor

Only VEDIT can edit any file you'll ever encounter - control characters, long lines, huge files (up to 2 Gigabytes) and all. It has special features for mainframe, binary (e.g. executable .EXE) and database (e.g. dBase .DBF) files too. Not only with its power but with its incredible speed as well, VEDIT can quickly edit huge megabyte files, such as, CD-ROM files.

VEDIT's special editing modes let you edit data/binary files as effortlessly as text files. Edit all your files efficiently and conveniently with VEDIT. File modes support DOS, Unix and Mac text files, plus data files with variable or fixed length records.

Display modes include five ASCII modes, Hexadecimal, Octal and EBCDIC, or split screen for any combination. A user created translation table can be used for custom display modes or for translating the file itself. Control and graphics characters can be displayed in a variety of different ways. Long lines can be edited with horizontal scrolling, or can be wrapped on the screen to see the entire line at once.

The "overwrite-only" mode ensures database and binary files aren't corrupted during editing. With block operations, VEDIT enables the "block fill" and "block overwrite" options by default.

Handle nasty "text" files too

Text files may sound easy to edit, but other editors choke when they hit embedded control characters or very long lines. Also, while Windows/DOS text files have a "newline" consisting of a Carriage-Return and Line-Feed, UNIX uses only a Line-Feed and Macintosh text files use only a Carriage-Return. VEDIT handles all text files effortlessly and automatically detects the correct file type. If needed, you can easily convert a text file from one type to another, or convert a file with fixed-length records into a standard text file with newlines.

VEDIT - The Professional's Choice

"I reviewed eleven editors, among them VEDIT PLUS. Many of the programs shared features I wanted, and some gave me what I felt was room to grow as my needs grew. However, none gave me all of the features of VEDIT PLUS in as small a file. The physical size of VEDIT PLUS coupled with the fast execution of its functions and the flexibility of its own programmability were instrumental in my decision to make this my last editor."

John J. Neubauer, CADserv

"I've really enjoyed using your program ever since I received it, but today you made me look like a real HERO. Thank You!"

Patrick Roy, Air & Refrigeration Corp.

Speed, speed, speed.

Written in assembly language and hand optimized for 18 years, VEDIT is the fastest editor available. Period.

Here's a true story:

One Monday morning, several years ago, a programmer called and asked how long it would take VEDIT to perform a global search and replace on a 100 Megabyte file. We answered - 30 minutes (this was back in the days of 6 MHz IBM ATs). The programmer then said that he had the Sage™ editor and had executed the search/replace the Friday before and it wasn't done yet! Looking up my benchmarks, I assured him that we could ship VEDIT to him overnight and he could perform the search/replace long before the Sage editor was done. He was sold!

Like all editors, Sage (no longer marketed) was advertised as "fast", and it was reasonable on smaller files that fit into memory. Even the slowest editor we ever tested, Brief™, was advertised as fast. However, with larger files, many editors become "exponentially" slower, they take 100 times longer to edit a 10 Mb file than a 1 Mb file.

VEDIT is over 20 times faster than other editors on just a 3 Mb file and even faster on larger files. In the future you'll have to edit a huge file, do you really want an editor that takes hours for just a single search and replace? VEDIT - The Programmer's Choice

The Ultimate Programmer's Tool

Long a favorite among programmers, VEDIT has every advanced feature you want. Simultaneously edit numerous files and split the screen into windows. Display each file in its own window or edit different parts of one file in separate windows. Use VEDIT for template editing, smart indenting and parentheses- matching speed program development.

You can search/replace with regular expressions or with VEDIT's own ultra-fast pattern matching. Search the current file, just the highlighted block, all files being edited, or a group of files on disk (i.e., all files in a directory). You can quickly process entire groups of files (i.e., perform multiple search/replace operations on each file).

VEDIT's block operations are the most extensive and flexible of any editor. Character, line and columnar blocks are supported. Over 100 scratchpad buffers (text registers) are available. In addition to the normal block copy, move and insert, VEDIT has block indent/undent, fill, delete, case conversion, detab/retab and other operations. You can very quickly delete or add columns in huge multi-megabyte files.

All characters in a block or the entire file can be translated using a loadable translation table. The supplied tables translate between EBCDIC and ASCII, and between IBM PC and ANSI (Windows) graphics characters. Custom translation tables are easily created. The translation table can also be used for displaying the file without translating it. For example, an EBCDIC file can be displayed in ASCII; any editing changes made on the keyboard are then translated to the EBCDIC equivalents.

Flexible Compiler Support

The extensive compiler support runs your favorite compilers, linkers, debuggers and Make programs from within VEDIT. While it's as easy to use as the integrated environments from Borland or Microsoft, it's much more flexible and even integrates tools from different vendors.

The compiler support tracks compilation errors, automatically loads the correct source file and positions the cursor on the error. You can then make corrections and press a key to move to the next error, or re-compile. It even tracks errors reported by different compilers run from one Make script.

The compiler support can automatically load the correct compiler, linker, debugger and Make commands for each program you work on. Compiler and other options are easily changed and saved to disk. Supports all Microsoft and Borland compilers and many others.

VEDIT gives you the advantages of a powerful editor with the convenience of an integrated environment.

The Most Configurable Editor

"I consider VEDIT to be the best editor on the market. I like its speed and versatility. Also, with your program's configurability, I now have an editor and keyboard layout that 'fits like a glove'."

Dan Levin, EducAide

"Thank you very much for your latest version of VEDIT PLUS. Your new features are really very impressive and useful. Your creativity and productivity is amazing."

William Herron, San Diego, CA

VEDIT is not only the most configurable editor; it may be the most configurable software anywhere. Over 200 parameters can be configured using menus and/or a configuration file. Other editors force you to learn their macro language to configure preferences.

You can fine-tune VEDIT to your exact personal preferences and applications. VEDIT can configure itself according to the type of files you are editing, .C, .ASM. .TXT, etc., with each file having a different configuration.

More Than Just A Configurable Keyboard

VEDIT was perhaps the first software to have a completely configurable keyboard layout. Since 1980 we have added numerous configuration options to meet the preferences of our 100,000+ customers.

You can configure the keyboard layout to your tastes and add an unlimited number of keystroke macros. Multi-key sequences are also supported. For example, can be used as a lead-in so that -A and -B perform different functions. This makes it easy to emulate WordStar and also makes millions of key combinations available.

The keyboard layout can be modified within VEDIT or an entire keyboard layout file can be loaded. All of the "hot keys" displayed in the menu and dialog boxes update dynamically as the keyboard layout changes.


To closely emulate other editors, VEDIT has emulation " modes" for many of the commonly used keys. There are five styles of cursor movement, controlling such things as what happens when you cursor down from a long line to a short line. There are eight settings controlling how the Enter and Tab keys operate; for example, does Enter always insert a new line or only in Insert mode. Other modes control the Home and End keys, Backspace and Del keys, and much more.

Numerous configuration options control what you see on the screen. Since you look at the cursor a lot, there are seven types including blinking and non- blinking software cursors. You can even control the blink rate and the cursor's color. Insert and overstrike mode each typically have a different cursor type. Optionally, the current line can be highlighted.

You can turn off the scroll bars and choose full, minimal or no window borders. For example, you may want to turn off scroll bars to use all 80 screen columns for editing. Even with scroll bars turned off, VEDIT's unique "stealth" scroll bars give you full mouse control for scrolling and paging. The characters used to display tabs and "newlines" are configurable. Tabs stops can be set anywhere and the key can optionally be expanded with spaces.

VEDIT - Programmable Editor with Powerful Macro Language

". . .I am writing to compliment you and your programmers on the new macro language. Good choices were made regarding compatibility with 'C'."

Gary Goth, Rogers, MN

Unlimited Macro Language

The VEDIT macro programming language gives you unlimited capabilities:

The "off-the-cuff" macro language is not compiled, but instead is fully interactive. You can enter a single command at the "COMMAND:" prompt and immediately see its effect in the file window(s). This makes it easy to learn and very useful during routine editing. Many useful macros are just two or three lines long. When needed, you can easily debug macros by setting breakpoints and single-stepping through them.

Some users have written very elaborate macros that perform complex formatting conversions. For example, after downloading a file from a news service, VEDIT is used to strip any spurious control characters, delete certain fields, reformat text paragraphs and translate word processing codes into typesetting codes. All without any user interaction.

The C-like macro language includes complete C numeric, relational and logical expressions, 32-bit arithmetic, testing, branching, looping, user prompts, keyboard input, string and numeric variables, control over files and windows, plus access to hardware interrupts, memory and I/O ports. The "Specifications" page lists more details.

The macro language is so powerful that just a few simple lines can do the same work as a tricky 100+ line C program. For example, the single command Search_Block("thomas",100,200,WORD+COUNT+ COLSET+LINESET, 4,20,40) searches for the 4th occurrence of the word "thomas" in the block between lines 100 thru 200, and columns 20 thru 40.

Note: Specifications are for the Windows version for the IBM PC. Not all features available on other versions. Specifications subject to change without notice.