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Defense Department DLA Procurement Data File Conversion


Greenview has extensive experience converting the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Procurement data files which are available on this page:http://efoia.daps.dla.mil. This includes:

The "ready-to-run" conversion packages described here let you convert your own files, creating ASCII files that are easy to import into SQL, Oracle (tm), MS Access (tm) or other databases. You can purchase packages for single files (starting at $1344) or a complete package for all files for $2544.

These conversion packages include a perpetual license to the software and 12 months of support and updates. If the DLA file format changes within the 12 months, we will provide you with updated software at no additional charge. After 12 months, there may be a modest update fee. (In the 4 years we have converted these files, the format has changed only once.)

The conversion packages run only on Windows 2000/XP/2003 (and later). The conversion runs in an automated "batch" mode without any user intervention. We supply a .BAT (batch) file to automate the conversion of each type of data file.

Please note that only the SAMMS files require conversion. The BSM files are already in ASCII and do not require conversion. However, most data is currently only available in the SAMMS format.

Example Data:

Example converted data is available in "zipped" format from the following links. By default, all fields are quoted and comma separated for easy viewing and import. (Other options are available too.) For example, one record of a CHF file looks like this:

"DAAD1600D00170004"," ","0001AA","03103","04QK6","03058","8415014817498 ","2B1D"," ","06","X","N"," 000000005","03153","03158"," 0000000378500"," 000000000030280"," 0000075700000"," 000000000"," "," ","W"," "," ","A"," "," "," "," "," "

Some data files (APRF and CTDF) contain multiple record types. These are converted into multiple ASCII files, one uniform ASCII file per record type.

The relatively complex CTDF data file also contains variable length records consisting of one master sub-record and a variable number of (detail) sub-records. Each sub-record is converted into a separate ASCII record, so that all records in each ASCII file are uniform. For example, a single CTDF record might be converted into 10 ASCII records within 5 ASCII files. A unique "key" is appended to each ASCII record to tie the (detail) sub-records back to the master record. (When imported, it easily creates a full relational database.) See the sample file for details.


The conversion process requires our EBCDIC conversion software (EBCDIC Level-4 is recommended) priced at $944 plus a data file specific "script" (also called a .LAY file) for each DLA file to be converted. These script files are priced at $400 to $800 each. A complete package to convert all four DLA files is available for $2544.

Please note that you must purchase the EBCDIC Level-4 software ($944) in order to convert all of the DLA files.( Of course, if you have already purchased the EBCDIC Level-4 software to convert other EBCDIC files, you do not need to purchase it again.)

EBCDIC Level-4 Software

Required for converting the DLA files.

In addition, you must purchase one or more DLA-specific files for the particular data files you need to convert.

This software includes our VEDIT Deluxe editor and 12 months of support and updates.

Active Purchase Request Files (APRF)

Includes the file-specific .LAY script to convert this particular data file.

Contract History Files (CHF)

Includes the file-specific .LAY script to convert this particular data file.

Active Contract Files (ACF)

Includes the file-specific .LAY script to convert this particular data file.

Contracting Technical Data Files (CTDF)

Includes the file-specific .LAY script to convert this particular data file.

Complete DLA conversion package

We will be happy to accept Purchase Orders with Net-30 terms from all governmental units and from organizations with 100+ employees. We kindly request that smaller organizations pay by credit card.

Order Fulfillment:

Upon receiving your order, we will email you the software and installation instructions within a few hours during normal business hours. You will then be able to immediately begin converting your own data files.

Note: Please note that the data files on the http://efoia.daps.dla.mil website are ".zip" files even though they do not have a .zip extension. After downloading them, rename them to have a .zip extension and unzip them with a program such as WinZip. They can then be converted.

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